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What did they say?

" I can't believe it. I can make my own stuff fast and cheap!!!"

George J. - Los Angeles, CA

"I've been drinking bottled water delivered to my doorstep for something like 25 years and I purchased this unit as a cost savings measure against the cost of bottled water and also to stop drinking water stored in plastic bottles. I've been using this little unit for just over a month, distill about 5 gallons a week, sometimes two or three gallons back to back and it just chugs away. It is a little noisy so it's best to turn it on as you walk out the door to go to work or turn it on at night and put it in a room where you won't hear it. Overall, it produces a nice clean tasting water. I live where the water is hard. Even after filling the unit with filtered water, I'm amazed at how much gunk is left after distilling the water. After a month of use, my body really does feel the difference."

Samantha J - New York, NY

"I bought this product in 2002 and distill about three gallons per week. I really love it. I remember having one start-up issue, but the manufacturer quickly resolved the problem w/some over-the-phone instruction. For me, this has been a highly dependable product with no adverse issues. I love the convenience of the counter-top model and, because I no longer buy water from the store, I have saved money and heavy transport hassles over the years. I have the white, non-steel version of the same product. Highly recommend!"

Timothy U. -  Dallas, TX


Distillation for your satisfaction since 1997 What's New Here?


The original, real copper distiller for water, spirit and essential oil

This is the unit you will be receiving in the package



Remove the top and fill it with your "ingredients"


The condenser, to be filled with water


This German made hand forged original single-stage "Al-Ambik " distillery is now available and can be used immediately after unpacking!

Capacity: 0.5 Liter

    You will receive an original alembic copper distillery in high quality as it is traditionally used for distillation.

A sample demonstration about the beauty of this distillery:


As most of you know, copper is the preferred material in the construction on any moonshine still. A copper moonshine still removes all the sulfides that are produced during the distilling process. The most demanding distillers demand copper for their moonshine stills. Just rinse with water when you're finished and you're done. The hot and high proof alcohol has already cleaned the inside.

Even the most complicated distilling equipment works according to the same principle: the product of distillation (mash /wine for alcohol distillation) is brought to a boil inside the pot. The water vapor then rises through he ascending pipe or lyne arm and condenses again inside the flake stand.

We know that the shape of the still influences the final outcome - the less resistance the steam encounters before it liquefies again inside the condenser, the more aromatic the final product will be. In the case of a fruit brandy, the trick is to transfer as many aromatic substances as possible into the distillate by using steam, which is impossible with a still that has a long ascending arm.

During distillation, especially of alcohol, many aggressive substances develop which attack any normal material. Therefore copper is usually the best choice for distilling, the pot itself should even be made entirely out of copper.

Copper has excellent heat conductivity and prevents the contents from burning because the heat is distributed quickly and evenly. Furthermore, copper is resistant to fruit acids, it binds hydro sulphides, and it even has catalytic properties.

The column should also be made of copper, since the rising steam has an especially intensive contact with the material here.

The pot itself has hardly changed over the centuries. Angular pots were used at times only for alcohol production. However, for the last hundred years, there has been a return to ball-shaped pots. The ball or bubble shape is perfect for distilling because the heat is distributed effectively.

Sometimes it is necessary to increase the steam pressure that the steam has to overcome before it condenses again. For pure, high-proof alcohol, for example, the resistance should be as high as possible so all by products can be separated from the steam on its way through the swan neck. This can already be partially achieved by distilling in cold room. The pressure becomes even stronger if the head and the neck are cooled with water wile distilling. All you have to do is sprinkle cold water on it and the head will cool down - which significantly increases the steam pressure. Of course, the resistance is even stronger when using a still with a column or a refining lentil.

When distilling aromatic oils or alcoholic fruit brandies, however, it is necessary to distill the aromatic substance - and these are lost through high resistance. Therefore, lower pressure is usually needed in order to quickly and safely conduct the steam into the condenser. It does not come with the burner, so you can use your heater or stove etc.


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