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What did they say?

" I can't believe it. I can make my own stuff fast and cheap!!!"

George J. - Los Angeles, CA



"I've been drinking bottled water delivered to my doorstep for something like 25 years and I purchased this unit as a cost savings measure against the cost of bottled water and also to stop drinking water stored in plastic bottles. I've been using this little unit for just over a month, distill about 5 gallons a week, sometimes two or three gallons back to back and it just chugs away. It is a little noisy so it's best to turn it on as you walk out the door to go to work or turn it on at night and put it in a room where you won't hear it. Overall, it produces a nice clean tasting water. I live where the water is hard. Even after filling the unit with filtered water, I'm amazed at how much gunk is left after distilling the water. After a month of use, my body really does feel the difference."

Samantha J - New York, NY



"I bought this product in 2002 and distill about three gallons per week. I really love it. I remember having one start-up issue, but the manufacturer quickly resolved the problem w/some over-the-phone instruction. For me, this has been a highly dependable product with no adverse issues. I love the convenience of the counter-top model and, because I no longer buy water from the store, I have saved money and heavy transport hassles over the years. I have the white, non-steel version of the same product. Highly recommend!"

Timothy U. -  Dallas, TX


"For the long story...I read all the reviews for the white color version and decided this was worth a try. I placed my order by noon Friday and received the distiller just last night (Tuesday). I was anxious to test this distiller for myself because it might save me quite a bit of money if I could stop buying bottled water. The only negative reviews I'd read seemed to focus on the plastic or metallic flavor of the distilled water. The manufacturer suggests it can happen when new bottles smell like plastic. As soon as I opened the box, I searched for the plastic bottle to smell it. There was no distinct plastic smell that I could detect. One of the reviewers pointed out that your geographical location affects the mineral content in the water and thus can strongly affect its flavor. Living north of Philadelphia, water has a fairly neutral flavor and there's no high mineral content that I know about. Still, I filled the bottle with water filtered through a regular Brita filter I have connected to my faucet. Filling the bottle to the very top is exactly the amount of water required to fill the distiller container right to the fill line. Followed the simple instructions and started the distiller. It wasn't as noisy as I expected, however it's loud enough that you might not want to run it during a dinner party. (Makes good white noise if you need it.) It's supposed to take 4-6 hrs to distil one gallon of water. Warm water may shorten the process. Since I ran it overnight, with cold water, I have no idea of how long it took. That will be an experiment for the weekend. Come morning, the distiller was done and the water was surprisingly fresh and good tasting.

For those concerned about whether distilled water draws minerals from your body, therefore raising acidity levels, read about the benefits of adding pH Drops before drinking. Cheers!

November 27, 2006 Update:
I use this distiller almost daily and I'm still very happy with my purchase and very glad I got it. Water tastes perfect, whether I pre-filtered it or not. I was surprised another reviewer had problems with leaks, since I've none whatsoever. The unit makes a very useful white noise, which is better for reading than for conversation though it doesn't bother me (I usually run the unit at night). I have not noticed much difference in distilling time, whether I use hot or cold water. I do get a lot of mineral deposits left over. However, I can remove them easily with a sponge or with the solvent that was provided."

Bobby R. -  Springfield, MO



"There are many different distillers on the market and most are very expensive, so I did a lot of homework before making this purchase.

So how well does it work? I see a lot of comments regarding water flavor. This may depend on the water you are starting with, although in theory it should all turn out the same. For me personally, the water comes out crystal clear, and tastes like snow melt when cold. In my book, that's about as good as it gets. Perhaps a better indicator of how well it works can be seen in the bottom of the pot at the end of a cycle. In addition to all the mineral salts left behind, I am left with about a tablespoon/gallon of nasty tan liquid.

It's a pity more people are not aware of the direct impact water quality has on their health. You don't have to be a 'wacko anti-fluoridation conspiracy theorist' to appreciate home distilled water. Buy a distiller and I bet you will effect a positive health change in a friend simply by doing two things;

1) give them a cold glass of distiller water you have made
2) show them the sludge left behind in the distiller from only 1 gallon of public drinking water

If cost is the issue, consider that everyone in your family should be drinking a pint of water for every 2lbs of body weight. That's 1 gallon per day for a 175 adult, which is easy to do once you get into the habit. And don 't forget the ice cubes! Unless you/your family drink a lot of milk, soda, or fruit juices, this distiller will pay for itself in just a few months."

 Rose P. - New Castle, PA


"Since Sears quit selling a nearly identical item that I have run for over a decade, i found it's clone here. I bought this for my new Grand Daughter, as I am always amazed at the left over waste from city water in these units. I still use my Kenmore at home for my well water. My Son has already distilled over 20 gallons (since Christmas) with this unit in Vancouver WA. He is very happy, and his wife is now a believer in not using city water to make formula and other essentials.

The Company was outstanding! When Amazon refused to show me how to contact the company regarding speeding up my shipping, I did my own leg work and they were a PLEASURE to deal with!

My advise, buy the product and skip the middleman!"

Kathleen A - San Diego, CA


"This product, for the money, is absolutely wonderful. The water produced is clear and CLEAN. No additional additives or residue. I never knew that pure water could have such a silky quality - goes to show you how much we all have been duped over the years. The water produced feels so nice to drink.

And, it is so much easier to maintain than I had imagined. Although the residue from each session is evident in the bottom of the container, a bit of vinegar and about 10 minutes makes the stainless steel sparkle again. Would I buy this item again or recommend it to others? Yes, Yes, Yes."

Susan T. - Westbury, NY


"I have been using this daily.

The unit it well designed, the water tasted perfect.

Takes about 4 hours for one gallon.

No leaks, no escaping steam.

I use the water for everything from baby food mixing, to coffee.

Stainless steal carafe is very easy to clean."

Thomas A. - Whitesville, KY



Distillation for your satisfaction since 1997 What's New Here?

PureStill Deluxe




The BEST Countertop Home Water Purification System with Stainless Steel Main Body Exterior; Stainless Steel Condensing Coil; 100% Stainless Steel Steam Chamber - Bottom, Sides AND Top Dome. Comes with High Quality One Gallon Blue Carafe with Ergonomic “Easy Lift” Handle.


Features & Convenience:

·    HIGH QUALITY - The entire Steam Chamber, (including dome), is 100% Stainless Steel. (Grade 304, 18/8)

·    BEST VALUE - More economical by far. Comparable units can cost TWICE and much and aren't as good.

·    HIGH EFFICIENCY - Can make up to 4 gallons per day.

·    EASY & SAFE operation. Push a single button to start. Thermostatically controlled to automatically switch off.

·    Space saving, durable and portable, (under 8 lbs.) Can easily take it with you on vacations or travels.

·    Ease of maintenance - Easy to clean. No need to purchase and replace dirty filter cartridges.

·    Stainless Steel exterior model matches standard stainless steel appliances.


Model 300 Specifications:
Output: Over 4 Gallons per Day (16 Liters)
Size: 8 in. (20 cm) width X 14 1/4 in. (36 cm) height
Weight: 7.7 lbs. (3.5 Kg)
Boiling Chamber Capacity: 1 Gal. (4 L.) Stainless Steel including Dome
Collection Container Capacity: 1 Gal. (4 L.)
Power Source: Standard AC 120V/60Hz


  STAINLESS STEEL SPLASH OVER DOME PROTECTION:  This is simply a piece of stainless steel that blocks splattering of contaminated water from getting directly into the distillation coil , which leads to a higher quality of distilled water.  Although its nothing super sophisticated, it does dramatically increase the quality of the distilled water produced.  You can slide it in and out of place, to test just how much of a difference it makes during distillation! While covered up, as in the right hand side, this protects splattering of the bad stuff up into the distillation coil, and only allows PURE DISTILLED STEAM to force its way up into the distillation coil! Keeping the yucky stuff in the boiling chamber from splattering up into the coil goes a long ways to producing the best distilled water. 

ATTENTION: On new production runs, the splash guard will be internal and of a new and improved design, and can't be shut off.  This is to eliminate the splash guard from being pressed against the coil to hard, preventing steam from going into it.  ONCE AGAIN, new production runs will have the same technology, but it will be inside the coil, unable to be seen from the bottom, and not able to be slid in and out. Our commitment to improvement is on a daily basis!  This picture below may or may not look like what you receive in this aspect.

  Glass container Upgradeable:  Although this model does not come with a glass container, it can be upgraded to one.  Many other models can not. You ask why? Because other units have the filter housing that sits on top of a special made jug, requiring a specially shaped container to hold the filter mechanism.  This model has the improved filter that is attached to the top of the distiller, allowing you to potentially use your own glass container under it.


Other improvements are:
A little better style connector between the container and the distiller.

This helps prevent airlocks from occurring, reducing the chance of spill.



A better style filter

This reduces the chance of bacteria growth
And has a better filtering quality, making sure a greater percentage of the coconut charcoal comes into contact, filtering the
water better.  Other styles may allow the water to flow around the filter media, instead of through it!  Other distillers on the market with a glass upgradeable receptacles have the water flowing through a paper style filter before going into the glass receptacle.  This one does not, it flows through this filter, that does not have paper. These filters tend to last 2 to 3X longer than paper filters.  Beware, others  are selling units with paper filters out of Canada. Paper is one of the dirtiest substances, and is known to release formaldehyde. Why buy a distiller with a 'paper filter' ?


This Model 4 Comes with the New Style Filter (a) Pictured  Below
Filter A weighs 1.4 Oz ( new style) 7X heavier & sealed! Less
chance of contamination.

Filter B weighs   .2 Oz ( Old style )



Stainless Steel in the interior where your water touches, stainless steel and composite material on the outside to prevent rust!


A few customers said they had problems with the old jug handle that it was hard to hold.  Well, we
LOVE our customers and have given you an easier to handle container on our love model 3 and above.

We even added 'friction' bumps to the jug, so you can grip it better.  Attention to detail is our

Older style units, and competitors have the jug on the right (B) that is harder to grip.



Probably the most common thing to break on most distillers is an internal fuse, that is not easy for the customer to replace.  90% of the small counter top distillers that quit working, do so because of this blown fuse that is hard to change.  These are not normal fuses, they are thermal fuses designed to blow at a certain temperature.   In our goal of eternal perfection, we have replaced the fuse, with a heat sensitive circuit breaker!  So, should the unit overheat, it will shut off, preventing damage, and then after it cools down, it will reset the circuit breaker automatically!  No expensive hard to replace fuse! Yet still having a safety device should the main reset button break!  A few years ago, the manufacture of these thermal fuses sent out a batch that was bad, and 25 percent of the counter top distillers would fail out of the box within 3 months.  This was a problem that stretched across brands.  In fact, many of these distillers with the bad fuses are still being sold today.    And even if you have a good fuse, all it takes is to make one batch of water without letting the typical distiller cool down enough, and the fuse can blow!    Well.. the new Model III does not have any fuses ( many times designated by the phrase 'melting point')  And as stated before, this is the weakest point on most distillers (thermal fuse) and we have eliminated that problem with a circuit breaker that resets itself!    Also, many  people  don't even know their units have a fuse in it.  I recall just a few months ago about some Johnny come Lately claiming to be a service center in Canada for brand X distillers, and he stated his distiller does not have a fuse in it.. well it does.   Just so others don't confuse you, most distillers have 1 circuit breaker and one fuse.  Our new unit has two circuit breakers, totally eliminating the need for the troublesome fuse. 


    The Choice is clear 16 out of 17 areas shows the PureStill to be superior. Read Below.
    (And we could list a lot more )

      Other  Distillers Our  Distiller
    Distillation time Approx 6+ hours as quick as 3 Hours
    Filter Paper style Improved Filter - non paper
    Filter Life About 1 month Up to 3 Months
    Boiling chamber finish Average Higher quality polish to metal
    Upgradeable to Glass Container No Yes
    Watts ( higher wattage - hotter boiling, kills more germs approx 590 watts 895 Watts max of Steam Pure Power. 750 average.
    Illuminated Light to tell when unit is making pure
    distilled water.
    No Yes
    Noise   almost 2dB quieter than earlier models
    Outer exterior  Tin High Strength ABS dent resistant Composite
    No Rust - less chance of denting
    Inside of Boiling chamber Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
    Splash Over Protector No Yes - internal on new production runs
    Rust Proof Exterior? No - Made of tin.  Yes
    Water Container Jug  material Certification  no certification stamp on plastic jug Yes Has Certification # stamped into jug.
    New Style Circuit Breaker Protection No must be sent in for repair if overheats Yes- Auto Resets!
    Water Jug Harder to hold  Improved Handle - Easier to lift
    Seal-less Coil into dome Has Seal - can wear Seal-less tight fit - no seal to wear ! No Plastic!
    Filter Weight 2/10ths of an ounce in weight 1.4 Ounces in weight !   7X Heavier !



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